INSTINCT V Advanced Training

General information

Duration 2 days
This course continues where the Basic Training ends and aims at users who want to explore the extended capabilities of INSTINCT V and therefore focuses on XSL programming.

The training covers the following modules:
  • Custom Dialogs
  • File handling (input and output)
  • Dynamic Transfer Pattern
  • Multilabware Transfer Pattern
  • Using XSL Objects
  • Analyzing Channel Command return values
  • Activity Chains for parallel processes
  • XSL Workflow
  • Usage of .NET functions
  • Simulated barcodes
  • Advanced transportation settings

Detailed information can be found here.
For participation in an Advanced Training course, you will need to complete a Basic Training course and must provide sufficient experience in working with INSTINCT V. Take your time after a Basic Training course, in order to practice and deepen your basic knowledge before attending an Advanced Training course.
The training is ideal for anyone who wants to create more complex assays and who wants to explore the full capabilities of INSTINCT V.
Please read the provided material before the training.

Note that you need to plan travelling and accommodation. The fee for trainings in Bonaduz includes lunch at the Hamilton "Green Sense" Canteen but excludes taxes, traveling and accommodation expenses.
Training confirmation (Letter of Attendance) upon successful completion of a training course.
As in the Basic Training the software will be explored mainly using hands-on exercises in conjunction with presentation slides. A template assay recapitulating the basic knowledge will be created first and then expanded to focus on the different topics of the training.
Presentation slides are written in English. This is true for all courses regardless of whether they are held in English or German.
Standard price for a training of 2 days: 1,600 EUR* per participant.
*Prices in non euro currency might differ

Discount possible for multiple people from the same company that are going to attend the same training course (discount might differ depending on the responsible HAMILTON subsidiary).

If you purchased a training together with a HAMILTON system, you need to provide the quotation number for the system for enrollment in a training course. If you need a quotation to attend training independent of the purchase of an instrument, please contact our HAMILTON Training Team and request a quote for the desired training. Please specify the number of participants and the desired training course. You can also enroll without a quotation.

The invoice will be send to you after attending the training. Please provide information about the invoice address when you enrolling for a training. If needed, you can also provide a Purchase Order number and upload a Purchase Order document from your company.

Please note that each participant must register individually: Each participant must create an account, choose the training course and enroll for this training course.


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