Service Training

Service Trainings are primary available for HAMILTON distributors and OEM partners as well as HAMILTON Field Service Engineers.

HAMILTON Bonaduz AG provides Field Service and Support Engineers Service Trainings for the following products:

  • Microlab STAR
  • easyPunch
  • AutoLys
  • H-Motion
  • VANTAGE Pipettor
  • VANTAGE Logistics/Track Gripper
  • Microlab NIMBUS
  • Microlab Prep
  • Compact Instrument (Tignuppa)

In addition, we provide two additional special Service Trainings

  • VANTAGE Refresh
  • Advanced Service Training

Detailed information can be found here.

HAMILTON Distributors or OEM partners have to register via E-Mail using the Registration Form.

HAMILTON employees have to register directly via Workday.

If you are neither an HAMILTON OEM partner nor distributor or employee but still interested in a Service Training in Bonaduz (Switzerland), please contact your HAMILTON subsidiary.