MagPip Liquid Handling Training (CH)

General information

Duration 2.5 days
This training is a special training for liquid handling with Magnetic Pipetting Channels (MagPip Channels). The problems and solutions are addressed both theoretically and practically. 

The following topics are covered: 
  • Magnetic Pipetting Channel technology
  • WhiPip dispense mode
  • WhiPip optimization and methodology
  • Using MagPip in VENUS  
    • MagPip steps: Aspirate and Dispense
    • Dispense on the Fly
    • Liquid Classes
    • Error Handling incl. channel error codes
  • Liquid Handling
    • MagPip Channel Hardware differences
    • ADC (Anti Droplet Control) / Pressure Control
    • Additional volume for WhiPip
    • Blowout volume for WhiPip and tip re-use
    • Positioning: Labware and tip compatibility
  • WhiPip Liquid Handling Methods
    • Verify WhiPip Liquid Class
    • Test WhiPip parameters
    • Get WhiPip parameters
  • Basic training in VENUS or Instinct V 
  • A Venus compatible balance is mandatory for MagPip WhiPip Liquid Class development on site
    • Please contact your local support for further information regarding the purchase of a balance
  • Experience with the Hamilton Liquid Handling systems (take your time after a Basic Training course, in order to practice and deepen your basic knowledge before attending an Advanced Training course) 
    • Participation in an Advanced Liquid Handling Training is only recommended
  • Adequate language skills in English or German (depending on the training specification) 
    • Please note that the training material is only provided in English 
For anyone who works with one of our Liquid Handling systems that is configured with MagPip Channels.
Note that you need to prepare and pay your travel and stay. Hamilton is covering the costs for lunch, snacks and drinks. Check your Training Account for further information after enrollment for a training course. 
Training confirmation (Letter of Attendance) upon successful completion of a training course.
Our MagPip Liquid Handling Training incorporates innovative teaching methods to provide you with the necessary knowledge for handling complex Liquid Handling tasks and addressing errors using the new MagPip channels.

The training content is designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of your automation projects. Through practical exercises on our systems, accompanied by valuable tips and tricks, you will gain a deeper understanding of the theory and its practical application. Our experienced trainers will be there to guide you, helping you develop your skills and unlock the full potential of the MagPip technology. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive training experience that goes beyond simply imparting information. We aim to ensure that you not only grasp the theory but also acquire the practical skills to successfully apply what you've learned.
Presentation slides are written in English. This is true for all courses that are given in English or German. If the course language is specified as 'German, English', the course language is German, otherwise English. However, all the provided material is written in English.

Please note that the training will start after lunch on the first day and will end after lunch on the third day. All participants are invited to attend an optional open session in the evening which is included in the price. 

In case of too few participants (minimum 3) or due to other reasons, training dates may be changed or courses cancelled. In this case, you will be informed as soon as possible. HAMILTON does not cover any costs resulting from changed or cancellation of training dates.
Standard price for a training of 2 days (+ optional 0.5 day): 1,600 EUR* per participant.
*Prices in non euro currency might differ

Discount possible for multiple people from the same company that are going to attend the same training course (discount might differ depending on the responsible HAMILTON subsidiary).

If you purchased a training together with a HAMILTON system, you need to provide the quotation number for the system for enrollment in a training course. If you need a quotation to attend a training independent of the purchase of an instrument, please contact our HAMILTON Training Team and request a quote for the desired training. Please specify the number of participants and the desired training course. You can also enroll without a quotation.

The invoice will be send to you after attending the training. Please provide information about the invoice address when you enrolling for a training . If needed, you can also provide a Purchase Order number and upload a Purchase Order document from your company.

Please note that each participant must register individually: Each participant must create an account, choose the training course and enroll for this training course.


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