Hamilton's ML STARV

Hamilton’s ML STARV (STAR V) combines the flexibility of the STAR benchtop liquid handler with the high throughput capabilities of the VANTAGE. Combined with Hamilton’s Venus® Software, STAR V empowers users to redefine what’s possible.

Services and Support

Hamilton is fully staffed to support your robotic pipetting platform from pre-installation through years of service. Nothing should stand in the way of a powerful automation solution in your lab. To learn more about the support services at Hamilton or to request support for your workstation, first choose the Automated Liquid Handling Platform.

Four Sizes for Full Flexibility

Hamilton Company offers solutions for your science, no matter your throughput and sizing needs. Compare Automated Liquid Handlers by viewing the specifications below for our main product base models.

Platform Consumables - Automated and Manual Use

Depend on high-quality Hamilton Consumables for a solid foundation in any automated or manual workflow.

Ready to Automate?

Connect with our team today to start the discussion. We'll help you find which consumables would best suit your workflow and guide you through the process to get you up and running.

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Press Releases

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